Online Learning - Understanding Christian Worship


Monday 24 April 2017
Induction week from 24 April, course runs 1 May to 1 July.
This online course of study and reflection on Christian Worship considers the nature and purpose of worship, its relationship to church and to mission.

The course is suitable for all participating in worship, including Authorised Worship Assistants who will be leading worship.

The study sessions consider the following topics

  1. What is Christian Worship? - what are we doing when we worship?
  2. Worship in the Bible - looking at the sources
  3. Baptism and Eucharist - foundational rites
  4. Shaping the Church - worship as formation of the community
  5. Shaping Time - holy days and seasons
  6. A Service of the Word - in Common Worship provision
  7. Leading, Participating, Presiding and Participating - involving everyone
  8. Worship as Mission and for Mission