Online Learning - Christian Healing Part 2


Beginning 26th September 2016

This is a five week follow up course, which follows the first course in Christian Healing.

The previous course on Christian Healing, later called Good News Invades Earth (GNIE), promised a follow-up on the practical issues around praying for others.  This five-week event is it.

Course writer and facilitator Rev'd Steve Clark, based at Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre, Sussex, will help you to explore who can pray, how to pray for others, the specific call to being a prayer minister, and a range of safety issues.

As usual with the Diocese of Norwich eLearning events, there will be a range of inputs (text, sound, video...) and frequent opportunities to engage in forums and other forms of dialogue with other learners and with Steve and other facilitators who are experienced prayer ministers.

Learners on the first courses on average gave "very good" ratings for how much they learnt, how much they enjoyed it and how much it helped their Christian walk.

The course ends in early November and learners are warmly invited to continue to a training weekend: 11-13 November at Crowhurst which will provide ‘hands on ‘ practice in a safe environment. (The cost of this weekend is not included in the fee for Christian Healing part 2)

If you would like to take this course, you should have completed either the first eLearning course or a similar broad introductory event on Christian healing. It is important that your incumbent (or church leader) is aware that you are exploring this ministry, we will communicate to her/him that you have applied for Christain Healing part 2.

Christain Healing part 2 will be offered, not only to those who live within the Diocese of Norwich but also to others who have followed the initial course through Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre.  The charge for this course is £40, discounted to £10 for those who live or worship within the boundaries of the Diocese of Norwich.