Online Learning - Called to Serve: Exploring Vocations


Sunday 18 September 2016
This course explores the idea of vocation as a "calling" by God, within an understanding of God's mission or purpose.

This course helps us to consider how we might "hear" or discern our call, and how we might test it and respond.


There are a number of meanings of vocation:

  1. All are called, and responded by being baptised. Our vocation is to be disciples in the world. That discipleship may be lived out with some particular works of ministry at work, in the local community, or among the church family.
  2. Some have particular skills for living their discipleship with a particular profession. As a teacher in education, as a carer in mental health nursing, supporting the dying in terminal care. IN many professions we can find our fulfilment and God';s purpose for us, from midwife to undertaker, from prison warden to magistrate or politician.
  3. Christian discipleship may be lived within lifelong intention and committments of married life or a consecrated single life. 
  4. Within the life of the church, some are called to ministry, either as licenced lay ministers (Readers, Lay Workers, Church Army Evangelist), ordained ministers (deacons, priests, bishops), most serving in parishes, though some with particular focuses in chuch ourtreach or in secular contexts (chaplains).
  5. Others are called to a form of Religious Life, either within an enclosed contemplative community, within an apostolic order, or as a member of a dispersed community living in the world (such as in the Iona Community, the Northumbria Community, in the Third Order of Franciscans or as Benedictine Oblates.)

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