Online Learning - Being Christian Beyond Church


This is a 6-week online learning course considering living the Christian faith at work, in the home or in the community. Participants will consider together how we might draw on our faith and values engaging with others who don't always or entirely share these.


The course starts by asking about the sweep of God's history. Where did it start? Where is the destination? How do we join in that journey and help it along?

We look at the person you are alongside the things that you do, and think about right praying when faced with dilemmas.

Is there a process that will help us to think and act Christianly (yes)? What about values in society, the home and the workplace? Can you use them as levers to make things happen?

Finally, what is 'social justice' and what do Roman Catholics mean by the 'Common Good'?

It's all about helping you to wrestle with daily life in a world that does not honour God. About being salt that stops things going bad, about being light that attracts and illuminates, and about being yeast that has the capacity to change 'the dough' that it's mixed with.