Online Course - God in the Old Testament (begins Nov 2017)


od in the Old Testament is an online learning course that is being facilitated in October and November.

It will introduce the study of the Old Testament (the Hebrew Scriptures) by considering the developing understandings of God gained through God's dealings with the Ancient Israelites.

What can the theme of promise and prophesy, commandment and covenant, and the genres of histrography and mythology say to us today about our relationship with God today. What light do they shed on God's dealings with those whom God loves?

Find out more in this short course.

Orientation week is 2-8th October. There is an optional face to face meeting during this week, on Tuesday 3rd October at Easton House (next door to Diocesan House 109 Dereham Road) from 19.00-20.30. This meeting is to introduce people who are unfamiliar to online learning to the technology and learning tools and give a little overview of the course.

The Online course (teaching and facilitation) takes place between 9th October and 26th November (with a quieter week in the school half term), and this is followed by a completion and feedback week, leading up to Advent Sunday.

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