Lent Appeal 2019 - USPG Lent Study Guide


We do not hold printed copies at this office but they can be ordered for free here.

This year we are working in collaboration with USPG to tackle some of the effects of Modern Day Slavery in a diocese in North India.

USPG have produced a Lent Course Guide entitled ‘The Prophetic Voice of the Church’ which will help us understand the issues better.  Although the course is broader than our Appeal, week two’s material matches the Appeal directly.

The five-week study course looks at the radical nature of the gospel, with a special focus on the church in India.

"We might think the prophetic voice belongs to the Old Testament, but we want to show there are still many prophets to be found throughout the world church today.

"The prophets’ voices are challenging because they alert us to issues we might want to ignore - they call us to be like Jesus, who stood on the margins, comforting the oppressed and challenging those who are comfortable.

  • Study 1: Community – inspiring congregations to be dynamic in mission.
  • Study 2: Injustice – taking action to combat human trafficking.
  • Study 3: Gender – a skills training programme is giving women a new lease of life.
  • Study 4: Climate – schools are inspiring a new generation to care for the environment.
  • Study 5: Hope – giving hope to India’s marginalised Dalit and tribal peoples.

The booklet can be downloaded in PDF and JPEG format here.



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